Top 5 background eraser online tool in 2020

April 1st 2020

Are you looking for a background eraser online? Are you searching for the right tool that can help you perform the online background removal process easily and hassle-freely? If yes, then you have landed on the right page.

Removing unwanted backgrounds from an image may seem to be a tough and troublesome task. But, when you have access to the right tools, then it becomes a really simple process.

In this context, if you are looking for the top 5 background eraser online tool in 2020, then you must check the following sections in order to know more about these tools including its overview, benefits, pricing, pros, and cons.

When it comes to erasing backgrounds from an image, we have traditionally relied on Photoshop or GIMP software. In the earlier days, we didn't have any other options than using Photoshop or GIMP software. These tools can be used to edit photos and remove the background.

But, there is one major drawback of using such tools. Using Photoshop or GIMP software to remove online background is an extremely tough thing! There are plenty of complex and minute steps that you will need to follow in order to erase the backgrounds. So, if you are not an expert or you are just a novice, then it will be really difficult for you to use either Photoshop or GIMP software to erase the background from an image.

Considering the complexity of using these tools, are you now looking for some recommendations? If yes, then please keep reading and reveal the Top 5 background eraser online tool in 2020 in the following sections.

Rest assured that each of these five tools is almost as effective and efficient as Photoshop. What's more, they are powered by the advanced AI technology that ensures superior results. Plus, for your quick reference, the individual benefits, pros, cons, and pricing of these tools are also mentioned as well. We also use the same sample photo to test the results of removing background.

sample photos used for testing background removers
{Sample Photos / 1200*800 / 113KB}


This is certainly the best background removal tool that you are highly recommended to use. With this tool handy, you can very easily erase the unwanted background from a picture. is also integrated with the most advanced AI technology that ensures flawless and fabulous results.

Not only this software is extremely easy to use, but also it's purposely designed in such a way that anyone can use it for a hassle-free experience. truly overcomes the problems of the complexity of a traditional Photoshop or GIMP software in terms of its ease of usage. This tool even features an array of excellent benefits that are summarized below for your quick reference.

Pros and Benefits

  • Ensures stunning quality -- all credit goes to its integral AI technology.
  • It's 100% automatic and it can deliver you the results in five seconds.
  • With its mindblowing background removal capacity, it can further help you to ramp up your creativity and efficiency.
  • Easy to use -- just drop/upload your image and let the tool run its magic.
  • The tool can be integrated with your software workflow (by using its API).


  • Nothing to be mentioned as such.


It's free to use for 50 free previews. For higher usage, you will need to opt for a subscription plan.

Testing Results

As only provides low-definition results for free. So the resolution of the next sample result picture is decreased.

sample photo processed by
{Preview from / 612*408 / 176KB}

#2- Background Eraser

This tool also aims to help you remove the image background intelligently. It's based on a powerful machine learning and AI technology. Let's now have a quick look at the key pros and benefits of Background Eraser.

Pros and Benefits

  • It offers high-quality results.
  • Automatically processes the image and removes its background.
  • Easy to use.


  • All photos with background removed through Bg Eraser gets deleted in every 24 hours. So, do not forget to download the image beforehand. Or else, it may get deleted.
  • File limits -- up to 2MB.
  • Background removal efficiency lacks in comparison with tool.


It comes with unlimited free services. No need to pay for a subscription. Just use it to erase background for free.

Testing Results

Background Eraser(Bg Eraser) provides the free and high quality result while keeping the size and resolution unchanged.

sample photo processed by background eraser
{Preview from BgEraser / 1200*800 / 934KB}

#3- Photoscissors (

The software also claims that it will help you to automatically remove background from images online. In addition to it, it gives you the choice option to replace the existing background with transparent color, solid color, or with another background image.

Pros and Benefits

  • Fair results.
  • Easy to use.
  • Automated process.


  • There are some limitations and restrictions when it comes to uploading an image to Photoscissors from the background removal process. For example, the format has to be either PNG, JPG, or WebP.
  • The maximum upload image size is 10 MB.


It seems that the online version of Photoscissors tool is free to use. But, if you want to download it for Windows and Mac, then you will have to pay for a subscription amount of $29.99.

Testing Results

Like, Photoscissors only provides low-definition results for free users. You need to pay for credits to download the photo with the same size. So the size of the following resulted photo is compressed.

sample photo processed by Photoscissors
{Preview from Photoscissors / 600*400 / 169KB}

#4- Malabi (

This is the fourth recommended tool on our list. It works through a four-step process. First of all, you will need to upload the desired image, you will get a preview result, you can add further manual touchup, and finally download the image.

Pros and Benefits

  • It's fully automated and scalable.
  • It supports batch processing.


  • The outcomes (output results) are not that satisfactory.


There are three subscription plan options, such as Starter Plan (you can download 20 images per month), Standard Plan (you can download 200 images per month), and Professional Plan (you can download 1000 images per month).

Testing Results

Malabi also decreases the size and definition of the processed photos for free users. It provides automatic process, based on its AI technology. But we still need to modify something manually by using the mark tools. What's more, it will stop providing services after 30th, April, because of the COVID-19. That's really sad.

sample photo processed by Malabi
{Preview from Malabi / 723*481 / 318KB}

#5- Fotor (

This software allows you to easily remove background from the image through its powerful background remover option. The tool offers you several photo editing and portrait beauty features.

Pros and Benefits

  • An easy to use tool.
  • It comes with additional innovative features like photo editing, photo collage, and portrait beauty.


  • It does not support batch processing for free accounts.


The actual pricing is not mentioned clearly. Users will need to signup by providing their email id and upgrade to Fotor Pro for premium features like HD download, instant share, and more.

Testing Results

Fotor could not recognize objects from photos so you need to use their red/blue mark tools to separate the foreground and background. You need to select the area you want to remove or keep carefully. This manual process will take quite a longer time if your photo has complex background.

sample photo processed by Fotor sample photo processed by Fotor
{Preview from Fotor / 1200*800 / 587KB}

#6- Removal.AI(

As a new background remover tool, Removal.AI has a good performance. Removal.AI makes this possible with their Artificial Intelligence-powered background removal tool. Removal.AI produces photos with transparent background even faster than an expert editor. With this technology, photos are transformed in seconds which is convenient for everyone who works with photos.

You can download the result for free for up to a resolution of 1500 x 1000 pixels. If you need to have a higher resolution photo for commercial use, the 6250 x 4000 pixels resolution will give you professional-quality photo downloads for a minimal fee.

Aside from creating a transparent background for your images, it also comes with a free photo editor to further enhance the photos and make them more creative. Removal.AI is easy and uncomplicated to use yet innovative. It is not only effective but is also the most cost-effective solution for your photo editing needs.

The Final Verdict

With this, you have revealed the Top 5 background eraser online tool in 2020. Among them, if you are looking for a specific tool, then is the best recommendation for you. In terms of its pros and benefits, it really tops the list.

So, what are you waiting for? Your search for the background eraser online or chang photo background free online now ends here! Please feel free to use and effectively erase the background.